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Covering her tits with hot cum. (30 June 2016) - 35 pics - 1 clips

Johana is my new fucking partner. She is a teen of 19 years, very slim and with a big appetite for sucking cock and getting cumshots on her body. She is very happy, she laughs at first but then she starts sucking with passion. SL23

Sexy BBW Cleopatra fucked hard and cumed on. (28 May 2016) - 144 pics - 1 clips

Cleopatra is a sexy BBW with big round ass. She changes into a sexy lace outfit and I fuck her very hard. She loves to suck cock and feel a big dick in her tinny pussy. She is fucked so good that she has an explosive orgasm.  SL20

Fucking BBW Cleopatra and cumshot on her nylons (26 May 2016) - 63 pics - 1 clips

Some BBW girls are very hot. Cleopatra loves to suck cock and be fucked very hard. She loves to moan while a cock fucks her pussy hard. Her pussy is very tiny, and her as is huge. SL19

Sexy BBW blowjob (26 May 2016) - 55 pics - 1 clips

Sexy BBW Cleopatra loves to blow. She stays with her fat ass on the bed and she suck the cock of o fat mature dude. SL18

BBW Cleopatra strips and play with herself (19 May 2016) - 110 pics - 1 clips

Sexy BBW Cleopatra girl is sexy dressed in black lace lingerie, she poses for the camera, then she strips and play with her pussy. SL17

Mother - son fantasy (12 April 2016) - 97 pics - 1 clips

Lola is a mature woman. She comes home early to find her son masturbating on the sofa. She has to do something about it, since masturbation is not good or even enough for her favorite boy, so she suck his cock and allow him to fuck her, all natural . SL16

Threesome with mature slut, old man and young boy. (29 March 2016) - 214 pics - 1 clips

A couple of mature man and woman fuck with a younger boy. She sucks the fat man's cock while the boy fuck her ass. Then she sucks both cocks, then she rides the boy while the fat man cums all over her slutty face. SL15

Shower and finger fucking (30 December 2015) - 34 pics - 1 clips

Alexandra is taking a quick shower and she bends over and finger fucks her ass - SL14

Foot job, ass fingering and masturbation (30 December 2015) - 125 pics - 1 clips

In the hot bath, I play with Alexandra, she performs foot job to me, then she bends over and fingers her ass, she handjobs me -SL13

Deep doggy style (30 December 2015) - 82 pics - 1 clips

Alexandra is fucked hard from behind. She moans in pleasure. SL12

Handjob (24 December 2015) - 45 pics - 1 clips

Alexandra performs a relaxing hand-job on a sofa. She doesn't want to suck cock yet... but I will fuck her in the next scene - SL11

Smoking and playing with pussy (24 December 2015) - 42 pics - 1 clips

Alexandra loves to smoke. It is relaxing her, and giving her ideas.. like how would it be to play with her pussy a little bit - SL10

A blowjob outdoor (09 December 2015) - 106 pics - 1 clips

Alexandra gets on her knees and performs a perfect blowjob outside. Then I cum on her tits - SL9

Alexandra doggy style (09 December 2015) - 90 pics - 1 clips

I just love to fuck Alexandra doggy style. She is not accustomed with cocks my side, so she moans in pleasureful pain - SL8

Smoking relaxing and playing with herself (09 December 2015) - 58 pics - 1 clips

Alexandra relaxes, smokes and play with herself a little - SL7

Fuck and cum on tits (09 December 2015) - 74 pics - 1 clips

Alexandra loves to fuck with her partner, and she loves to feel his cock growing in her mouth, and hot cum on her tits - SL6

Sucking cock bent over (08 December 2015) - 54 pics - 1 clips

Alexandra sucks cock on camera for the first time, and she is bent over - SL5

Smoking & Masturbating (07 December 2015) - 68 pics - 1 clips

Alexandra loves to relax while she smokes, and she also has the pleasure to play with her pussy while smoking - SL4

Alexandra introduces herself (07 December 2015) - 52 pics - 1 clips

Alexandra is a hot model, she introduces herself and strips on a coach - SL3

Lola blows a small dildo. (03 January 2015) - 68 pics - 1 clips

Lola loves to play with herself also. She blows a small dildo and masturbates (SLM1)

First Blowjob on camera (03 January 2015) - 85 pics - 1 clips

This is the first clip Lola did, she is a little shy when she sucks my cock, but then she starts to like it and asks me to fuck her pussy hard (SLM2)

Hot Ass (03 January 2015) - 19 pics

Lola's as is really hot in black sheer pantyhose, and when she sits doggy style, it's awesome (SLP9)

Black Sheer Pantyhose (03 January 2015) - 18 pics

Lola smiles happy in her new black sheer pantyhose (SLP8)

Long sexy legs (03 January 2015) - 15 pics

Lola's legs are very sexy and white neon pantyhose just looks awesome (SLP7)

White nylons (03 January 2015) - 30 pics

White shiny nylons on Lola's legs and sexy butt (SLP6)

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